A few websites to assist in your explorations of Ohio's forgotten places, weird history, and haunted hotspots. Also be sure to visit links for websites from other states and Canada, too. And for a shortlist of the most extensive, comprehensive, well-researched and well-written, competent and intelligent forgotten Ohio sites, check out...

The Best of the Best
Links you shouldn't miss:
Illicit Ohio
Grave Addiction
Ghosts of Ohio
Lost and Found Ohio
Ohio Exploration Society
Mid-Ohio Paranormal Exploration Researchers
Dead Ohio
Ohio Trespassers
Midwest Lost

Illicit Ohio
My good friend Rookie's page--a fascinating exploration of Ohio's hidden, man-made wonders, with a few great ones from other states for variety.
SBNO--Abandoned Amusement Park Guide
Another excellent page from Rookie of Illicit Ohio. VERY extensive tour of the abandoned amusement parks at Idora Park and Chippewa Lake. Highly recommended.
Ohio Lost
Killer website with lots more on Ohio's forgotten history, and what still remains of it.
Under OSU
Great site all about Ohio State and its steam tunnels and other off-limits places. The site whose press coverage inspired me to start Forgotten Ohio.
Ohio Exploration Society
Great, comprehensive website about abandoned, haunted, and historic Ohio.
Dead Ohio
Seriously researched, beautifully done, fascinating site focusing on Ohio's cemeteries and haunted places.
Web magazine about urban exploration.
American Local History Network: Ohio, The Buckeye State
Amazing site filled with historic photos and excerpts from old histories and historic books. Strongly recommended.
Ohio UrbEx
Serious exploration of abandoned sites, mostly in Ohio but also beyond.
Midwest Lost
Many, many cemeteries, hauntings, and forgotten places from different states, but starting in Ohio.
Urban Adventure
The place to begin any urban exploration web adventure.
Ohio Trespassers
Trespassing all over the Buckeye State, PA, and WV; unbelievably good site.
Grave Addiction
One of the best sites, showcasing numerous old cemeteries (and the occasional haunting) in Ohio.
Flickr: Forgotten Ohio
An online photography club, easily joined and contributed to, "Inspired by (but not in association with) www.forgottenOH.com." Very flattering.
Ohio Forgotten
Another "imitation/sincerest form of flattery" sort of website, this one a well-done page-down listing of many sites I haven't covered on my site. The reversal of the Forgotten Ohio name isn't all it has in common with mine, but it's an excellent and original site.
Lost Southeast Ohio
Forgotten places in the Hocking Hills [apparently closed].
The Recreational Trespasser
Very fun excursions into abandoned institutional buildings (including asylums, hospitals, and jails) in the Ohio-Indiana-Kentucky tri-state area.
Niklas Photography
Always excellent photography by friend and regular contributor Philip Niklas.
FadeWay: Sean Blanton Photography
Beautifully laid-out website with terrific photgraphs of central Ohio's forgotten stuff.
Decaying Industries
The homepage of a Cleveland-area 'zine devoted to photography of regional industry and ruin.
Roadside America: Ohio
Fun facts about Ohio's roadside oddities.
The Association of Graveyard Rabbits
A coherent and enthusiastic group of cemetery explorers; their site offers you regular updates and a long list of fascinating graveyard information and profiles.
Headstoners: Cemetery Explorers
Photos and information concerning numerous Ohio boneyards, including many featured here.
Urban Ohio
Quality photos of every one of Ohio's metropolitan areas, plus its landmark small towns. Well worth a visit if you like exploring the Buckeye State.
Idora, Past and Present
All about Idora Park, history and current conditions.
The Fantasy Farm Memorial
Extensive history of the Fantasy Farm with frequent updates
Little Cities of Black Diamonds
Pictures and stories about the coal mining ghost towns of the Hocking Hills, including San Toy, Shawnee, Haydenville. Very nice.
Hillbilly Bear's History of Appalachian Ohio
Source documents, interviews, folklore, and stories about the history of southeastern Ohio. A truly great site and a fascinating read.
Ghost Towns
A site covering the entire United States, but featuring a growing page on Ohio. Look for my contributions on San Toy, Moonville, and Utopia.

Ghosts of Ohio
Fantastic Ohio hauntings website run by James Willis, my co-author on Weird Ohio. Simply the best.
Haunted Cleveland
History, information, and real live tours of Cleveland's many haunted landmarks.
COPS: Central Ohio Paranormal Society
The beautifully done, intelligent website of the very thorough Columbus-based paranormal research group COPS.
Southern Ohio Paranormal Research
Serious-minded group researching hauntings from their base in Cincinnati; check out their weekly webcast radio show.
Haunted Southeastern Ohio
A look at some of the major haunted points of interest in SE Ohio.
Haunted Hocking Hills
A brief but informative overview of the scares to be had at the various public parks in the Hocking Hills region.
TM Ghost Hunters
Paranormal investigation in the greater Cincinnati area.
G.H.O.S.T.: Ghost Hunters Ohio Search Team
Central Ohio ghost research, done by thorough researchers and extending in some cases beyond the state border.
MGHS: Massillon Ghost Hunters Society
Ghost hunting unit based in Massillon, Ohio.
Tales from the Lips
A chronicle of paranormal folklore, rumors, confessions, and experiences from NE Ohio residents.
Ohio Ghost Researchers
Further forays into haunted Ohio conducted by a team in the NE corner of the state.
Ghostly Ohio
Great Haunted Ohio site full of new hauntings to check out.
Ghost Roads of Ohio
Excellent Ohio hauntings website [apparently closed].
The Avalon Foundation
Serious-minded ghost investigations in Ohio and neighboring states.
Invisible Ink
Haunted Ohio author Chris Woodyard's website, offering her books and many others of interest to anyone interested in haunted history
Ohio Paranormal
Serious urban legend and ghost investigations all over the state.
Unknown Ohio
Weird website with promise, but rarely updated. Make that never updated.
Central Ohioans Researching Unexplained Paranormal Things: great acronym, along with well-done investigations and ghost photos.
Ghostly Pictures in Ohio
Hauntings and orb photos from NE Ohio.
The Ohio State Reformatory
Official site of the haunted Ohio landmark.
Ghosts, Energy Anomalies, and the Unexplained
Excellent site showcasing strange ghost photographs and more.
I.P.R.N. - The International Paranormal Research Network
Superbly organized group huntings ghosts across the US.
American Hauntings
"Historic and Haunted Guide to the Supernatural." Very nice page.
Ghost Village
Exploring mysteries from modern times to yesteryear.
Things That Go Bump in the Night
Ohio cemetery relics, photographed and researched.
The Dragon's Lair
Real ghost photos and more.
The Ghost of Moonville
Very nice and extensive page on the ghost of Moonville and the history behind it.
The Asylum Eclectica
An absolutely fascinating tour of the truly gruesome and morbid side of life. Be sure to visit the "My Brush With Morbidity" section. Not for the faint of heart.
Rogue's Hollow Studios
Dark and beautiful web design and marketing company, inspired by the Rogue's Hollow section the owners saw on Forgotten Ohio. I couldn't be more flattered to have been involved in the evolution of such a kickass company.

Ohio Historical Society
Ohio's official historical society. Excellent museum and library, open to the public.
Columbus Landmarks Foundation
Great organization dedicated to the preservation of historic buildings in Columbus. Worth donating to.
Remarkable Ohio
An index of and in-depth look at each of Ohio's hundreds of historical markers.
Ohio Memory
An online scrapbook of Ohio history.
ONN Ohio News Network
The only statewide television news source. I've been invited to be their on-air Halloween "ghost expert" several times.
National Register of Historic Places: Ohio
The National Park Service's searchable database of every single registered historic site in the United States.
National Parks Service: Registry of Historic Places
An interesting alternate way to search the Park Service's nationwide listings, including by those properties categorized as "vacant/not in use."
1850 Counties of Ohio
Descriptions of each county that existed in Ohio in 1850; absolutely fascinating.
Masters in History
If you'd like to move on past the Bachelor's degree and get a real education in history, this is a great place to compare top-notch university graduate programs.
The best way to find a town, an address, a road, or an intersection in Ohio--or anywhere else. Well-known but truly indispensible.