This is the book I put together for Arcadia Publishing in November and December of 2001--Forgotten Columbus. Now that it's being released I'm putting the purchasing information up on the website in shameless self-promotion.

What's the book like, you ask? It's 128 pages of historical photographs, each with informational captions, accompanied by photos at the end of each chapter showing what became of many of the book's subjects. There are seven chapters: The Old Ohio Penitentiary; The Hartman Empire; The Brewery District; Fort Hayes; Frank Packard's Columbus; Schools and Colleges; and Hospitals and Asylums. Rookie over at Illicit Ohio contributed several of the photos.

If you're interested in purchasing the book, it's available at the links below. Of course I appreciate it very much if you are interested enough to purchase the book, and in return will do whatever I can to sign your book. Thanks in advance for your attention to and patience with this blatant pitch for sales.

UPDATE: In November of 2005, the publshing division of Barnes & Noble released my second book, Weird Ohio. You can read more about the newest book right here.

Forgotten Columbus at

Forgotten Columbus at Barnes & Noble

Forgotten Columbus at Arcadia Publishing