Forgotten Ohio: September 10, 2012
Forgotten Ohio
Monday, September 10, 2012

In the Summertime, When the Weather is Hot

Some new updates for the website; trying not to let them stack up so I can keep on top of things.

It looks like Van Wert County's haunted Tomlinson Cemetery is just a cemetery now, since the church itself burned to the ground. Still a good ghost story, but not as much to see, and the photo on my page is slightly misleading now (though I make the fact clear in the accompanying text).

Two alterations to the Ohio Drive-In Movie Theater List, one having to do with a Lawrence County theater (the StarLite) which has been gone for almost two decades, replaced by a subdivision; and also one in Shelby County, the Auto-Vue, which I didn't have on my list but which is still functioning! So that's good news.

Finally, a husband-and-wife pair of private security guards have shared their eerie experiences at the no-longer-fully-abandoned Franciscan Medical Center. The wife writes the account, and it is creepy. Well worth a read.

There are paid advertisements on my website; you may have noticed them. What I am saying and posting now is most assuredly not one of them. This is me trying to do other people in tough situations some good by telling them about something encountered less frequently than a ghost: An honest mechanic.

2386 Wood Avenue
Columbus, OH 43221
Just North of Lane Avenue and Kenny Road

When I was sixteen (and even before, when my parents had to buy real junkers), I went through cars at a rate of about one every six months. A year was a miracle. I went to buy-here, pay-here lots, and I never got a really good car. Well, I got one through a family friend, and the thing wrong with it turned out to be the transmission, nothing more than that and the clutch. The guys at All Hours made sure I could afford to have my car fixed. I wonder if they're making enough money for themselves; they are always willing to go the extra mile, to do labor long after they could have legally stopped for the day; they care that you get your car fixed and back on the road so you can get to school, or to work.

All Hours Automotive is a small business, the kind you hear so much about in this election year while you're shopping at WalMart. Some people even have their cars repaired at WalMart or CostCo. Those places are all about profit; All Hours Automotive is all about getting the job done right, doing it fairly, and getting good word of mouth as they start to try to build their company and increase their customer base.

A good, honest mechanic is worth his weight in gold. Only three guys work at or run All Hours Automotive, which means you can speak to the guy who's fixing your car, and I've found that they have no problem showing you exactly what they're fixing, and why it's the cause of your problem. I simply cannot recommend them more highly.

As a kid, I had mechanics switch prices on me because they thought I didn't know anything. Well, my girlfriend (and who does a shady mechanic think doesn't know a sparkplug from a hubcap?) first discovered All Hours, and the guys gave her the lowest price they possible could; they even shaved a little off just so she could afford it and get it home that night and to work the very next morning.

All Hours Automotive is located at 2386 Wood Avenue, Columbus, OH 43221; the phone number is 614-419-2395. (They are a little hard to find; going north on Kenny from Kinnear Road, and coming to the intersection with Lane Avenue, go straight through--but then you immediately make a right turn onto a very small road called Legg Avenue, just past where the gas station used to be. Turn there--if you're coming south, obviously, you make it a left turn just before the Lane Avenue traffic lights--and follow Legg as it makes a curving left-turn, thus becoming the north-south Wood Avenue, lined with small storage places and other car-related repair joints. But don't stop until you get to 2386 Wood.) I promise, if you need your car fixed, you will not regret having it done by the guys at All-Hours. I only wish they were around and I knew of them when my dozens of clunkers were crapping out on my all through high school and even college.

I'm on Facebook; so are you. If you're not, I believe you're in danger of violating some federal law. If you're on Facebook now or will be soon, you should check out the Forgotten Ohio Group which I didn't initiate, but I am extremely honored by and have gone too long without mentioning. I have stuff I can post there which really has no logical home on the website itself.

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