Welcome to the News Watch section of Forgotten Ohio. This portion of the site is intended to keep you up-to-date on news items and events related to forgotten or haunted Ohio places. I live in Columbus, so I might have a slight bias that way, but I'll be checking sources from other cities regularly. If you find an article or story which you think would be good for this section of the site, please e-mail me at forgottenohio@yahoo.com.

"Mudhouse Mansion Demolished"
Spencer Remoquillo
Lancaster Eagle Gazette
September 21, 2015

The worst kind of bad news: Fan favorite Mudhouse Mansion is gone forever.

"Emmitt House Fire Remains an Open Case"
Gazette Staff
Chillicothe Gazette
December 29, 2014

An update on the investigation into the terrible fire that leveled Waverly's haunted landmark, the Emmitt House.

"Ohio Historical Society to Highlight R-Rated History"
Alan Johnson
Columbus Dispatch
March 8, 2011

News about the Ohio Historical Society's must-see exhibition of the state's darkest artifacts--including the original electric chair.

"Suspect Admits He Raped, Murdered Westland Cheerleader in 1991"
Holly Zachariah
Columbus Dispatch
February 27, 2009

Marvin Lee Smith admits to the nightmarish crime which has haunted Foster Chapel Cemetery for well over a decade.

"Weekend Fire Destroys Circleville Feed Mill"
Randy Ludlow
Columbus Dispatch
August 25, 2008

The ultimate fate of Circleville's notoriously haunted Manna Pro Feed Mill: Destruction by fire. Quite a shame.

"Section 8 Housing to be Torn Down"
Mark Ferenchik and Jonathan Riskind
Columbus Dispatch
May 8, 2008

New developments in the blighted Columbus neighborhood around the now-demolished Coated Fabrics warehouse.

"Charges Expected in 1991 Murder"
Holly Zachariah
Columbus Dispatch
May 6, 2008

Remarkable developments in the 17-year-old case of Jessica Keen, the girl murdered in Foster Chapel Cemetery.

"The Truth Behind Haunted Athens"
Cicely Gilbert
Athens Post
October 27, 2006

Part 2 of the Athens Post's 2006 Halloween article.

"Catch Me"
Cicely Gilbert
Athens Post
October 26, 2006

Part 1 of a Halloween 2006 Athens Post article about the hauntings in and around Ohio University.

"Spirited Stories"
John Ross
Columbus Alive
October 26, 2006

A trio of scary stories about Columbus's haunted downtown landmarks.

"History, Hauntings, and Homosexuals"
Michael Daniels
Columbus Outlook Weekly
October 26, 2006

The haunted heritage of the Mansfield Reformatory, including excerpts
from the painfully homophobic Inmate Rules Handbook.

"Haunted Columbus"
Rob Maxon
Columbus Outlook Weekly
October 26, 2006

A very basic overview of a few Columbus ghost stories and a mention of Robin Smith's Columbus Ghosts I and II.

"Boarded-Up Franklin Castle Haunted by Foreclosure, Liens"
Michael O'Malley
Cleveland Plain Dealer
October 4, 2006

More about the financial woes besetting the fictitiously rehabilitated Franklin Castle.

"Prank Gone Awry Stuns Worthington"
Theodore Decker, Kevin Kidder, and Encarnacion Pyle
Columbus Dispatch
August 24, 2006

The tragic story of what happens when a reclusive, gun-crazy asshole shoots at a
bunch of teenage girls visiting a haunted cemetery; it concerns Walnut Grove Cemetery in Worthington.

"New Strange Doings at Franklin Castle"
Michael O'Malley and Joan Mazzolini
Cleveland Plain Dealer
June 20, 2006

Utterly bizarre real-world goings-on at the dilapidated million-dollar clubhouse and
amateur pornography studio otherwise known as Franklin Castle.

"Book Bares the Oddities that Tourist Guides Missed"
Laura Dempsey
Dayton Daily News
January 7, 2006

A truly excellent Weird Ohio review, with much mention of Forgotten Ohio as well.

"Books: The Weirdest Things Pop Up Off the Beaten Paths of Ohio"
Bill Lubinger
Cleveland Plain Dealer
January 6, 2006

A nice review of my second book, Weird Ohio.

"Offbeat in Northwest Ohio"
Ryan E. Smith
Toledo Blade
December 30, 2005

A Toledo review of Weird Ohio.

"Do You Believe in Ghosts?"
Jay Hansen
The Ohio State University Alumni Magazine
November/December 2005

The Alumni Magazine's in-depth examination of several of the major on-campus hauntings at OSU,
featuring quotes from yours truly.

"The Story Behind the Legend of...Warlock's Grave"
Ryan Karp
Dover-New Philadelphia Times Reporter
October 31, 2005

Halloween story revealing the truth behind New Philadelphia's local ghost story,
the Warlock's Grave at Rehobeth-Ridge Road Cemetery.

"Something Weird Happened Here"
Ryan Karp
Fairfield Towne Crier
October 23-November 5, 2005

A Halloween piece including quotes from Forgotten Ohio and Grave Addiction,
plus the text of my account of the haunting of Baldwin Run.

"Skeptic, Believer Visit Area's 'Haunted Places'"
Tonya Shipley and Kathy Thompson
Zanesville Times Recorder
October 23, 2005

A Halloween piece about the authors' self-guided tour of haunted locations in Muskingum and Perry Counties,
using Forgotten Ohio as a guide and with several quotes from Beth Santore of Grave Addiction fame.

"Advertisement Recalls Local Killer"
Kristi Lowe
Coshocton Tribune
September 19, 2005

A brief reprise of the crimes of Cletus Reese, the serial killer responsible for the hauntings at Murder Ridge, inspired by somebody trying to sell his stove.

"Ready for Some Different 'Haunted Athens' Stories? Read On."
Christopher Gohlke
Athens News
October 30, 2004

Another Halloween article from another campus newspaper, this time about lesser-known hauntings at Ohio University.

"Campus Crawling With Halloween Spirits"
Kendric C. Winters
The Lantern
October 29, 2004

A Halloween article from the campus newspaper about the hauntings at Ohio State University.

"Peters Factory a Giant in Ruins"
Randy McNutt
Cincinnati Enquirer
October 19, 2004

Ohio author Randy McNutt explores the history of the Peters Cartridge Co.

"Mutz: Weekend Must"
Sarah Wise
Independent Collegian
September 16, 2004

A restaurant review of the Mutz, one of the occupants of Toledo's Oliver House,
with details about the ghosts said to inhabit it.

"Local Author Audits Ghost Quotient Across State of Ohio"
Nick Claussen
Athens News
September 7, 2004

An interview with John Kachuba, author of Ghosthunting Ohio, and a discussion of Athens ghosts in particular.

"Forgive Our Trespasses"
David Giffels
Akron Beacon Journal
May 4, 2004

A much deserved and long-overdue tribute to the people behind the Ohio Trespassers website. They came out of nowhere with mind-blowingly top-notch photography, research, and web design, and now the Akron paper gives them a flattering writeup.

"Opera House a Hidden Gem"
Sherri L. Shaulis
The Youngstown Vindicator
January 31, 2004

The history and hauntings associated with Cortland's Kline Opera House.

"Residents, Developer Will Preserve Circleville's Historic 8-Sided House"
Melissa Kossler
Columbus Dispatch
January 31, 2004

Notes on the successful campaign to save the M.M. Crites Octagon House.

"Drive-In Drama"
Lachelle Seymour
Newark Advocate
December 7, 2003

Word on the final states of Licking County drive-ins, particularly the Heath.

"Ohio Town Empties as Utility Buys It"
Robert E. Pierre
Washington Post
November 12, 2003

An update on the exodus from Cheshire, Ohio's pollution-created ghost town.

"Stonewall Cemetery Has Presidential History"
Carolyn Tilley
Lancaster Eagle-Gazette
October 26, 2003

The history of Lancaster's Stonewall Cemetery.

"Round Town Conservancy Rallies to Save Octagonal House"
Mike Pratt
Circleville Herald
October 15, 2003

The efforts of the Roundtown Conservancy to save Cirleville's Crites Octagon House.

"It's Thursday, and the Ghosts are Making Pasta"
Chad Painter
The Other Paper
October 9-15, 2003

A report on the ghostly goings-on at the Greater Columbus Antique Mall.

"Ghost Stories"
Josie Rubio
Columbus Monthly
October 2003

A very nice overview of haunted places in and around Franklin County.

"Through the Keyhole: Unlocking Ohio State's Hidden Spaces"
Andrew Henderson
The Ohio State University Alumni Magazine
October 2003

A cover story I wrote for the Alumni Magazine about OSU's weirdest and least-known campus places,
such as the library book depository and the Byrd Polar Research Center.

"Aliens or Hoax?"
Troy Jolly and Caleb Grooms
West Union People's Defender
September 4, 2003

A rundown of events surrounding the appearance of a crop circle near Adams County's Serpent Mound.

"Groups Hope to Bury Mental-Health Stigma"
Nick Claussen
Athens News
September 2, 2003

An effort to educate thrill-seekers who have been vandalizing the supposedly-haunted cemetery
at the old Athens Mental Health Center.

"Reader's Forum: Let's Get Away from the Ridges' Reputation as a Haven for Ghosts and Ghouls"
Tom Walker
Athens News
September 2, 2003

An editorial about the damage done to the Ridges mental health center by supernatural legends.

"Great Balls of Mystery!"
Reza Saberi
Skeptic Magazine
Autumn 2003

A scientific explanation of the mysterious moving Merchant gravestone ball at Marion Cemetery.

"County Has Ghost Towns, If You Know Where to Look"
Michael L. Moore
Delaware Gazette
September 18, 2003

A piece on the study of Delaware County ghost towns.

"40 East Auto Theater to Close Later This Month"
Tricia Symansic
Columbus's This Week Newspaper
August 7, 2003

The closing of Columbus's second-to-last drive-in, the 40 East Twin.

"Headstone Inscriptions Like Pages from History"
John Switzer
Columbus Dispatch
June 15, 2003

The story of a few notable occupants of historic cemeteries in the Columbus area.

"Life Under the City"
Cliff Radel
Cincinnati Enquirer
May 24, 2003

An article about the abandoned Cincinnati Subway and the new book about it
by Forgotten Ohio contributor Alan Singer.

"Coal Fire Still Burns After 120 Years"
Not Attributed
Lancaster Eagle-Gazette
May 13, 2003

A look at the famous still-burning 1884 mine fire in Perry County.

"San Toy: Ghost Town or a Black Diamond in the Rough?"
Matt Zuefle
Athens News
December 9, 2002

Another article about favorite Ohio ghost town San Toy.

"19th Century Love Story Has Happy Ending"
Jon Baker
New Philadelphia Times-Reporter
November 18, 2002

Information about the seminal 1869 murder in Belmont County's haunted Egypt Valley.

"Pictures of the Past"
Amber Stephens
The Ohio State University Alumni Magazine
November 2002

An extremely flattering article about me and my book Forgotten Columbus,
as well as a history of the whole Forgotten Ohio project.

"Abandoned Subway Could Save Light Rail Plan"
James Pilcher
Cincinnati Enquirer
July 29, 2002

Could the Queen City's subway system become a reality after all?

"Modern Explorers Seek Out Abandoned, Forgotten Sites"
Kevin Parks
This Week Dublin
July 25, 2002

A profile of Ohio Exploration Society founder Jason Robinson.

"Where Others See Ruins, Explorer Finds Inspiration"
Joe Blundo
Columbus Dispatch
June 6, 2002

A Dispatch piece about me, my website, and my book.

"Cheshire, Ohio No More"
Not Attributed
Cincinnati Enquirer
May 7, 2002

An update on the emptying-out of Cheshire, Ohio.

"AEP Agrees to Buy Out Entire Town"
Michael Hawthorne
Columbus Dispatch
April 17, 2002

AEP's buyout means the town of Cheshire will become a ghost town by the end of the year.

"Exploring a Ghost Town"
M. Downs
Zanesville Times Recorder
April 8, 2002

An article on the history of San Toy.

"Mothman and Friends: Home-Grown Tall Tales Go National"
Matt Zuefle
Athens News
Feburary 11, 2002

Local legends of all sorts from the same southeastern Ohio region that gave us "Mothman."

"Roadside Riddles"
Joe Blundo
Columbus Dispatch
January 24, 2002

A fascinating piece about oddities spotted along Columbus area freeways.

"Marion Killer's House Sold by County"
Tom Sheehan
Columbus Dispatch
December 1, 2001

Child murderer Barry Satta's unoccupied house sells for $5,100. I wonder if it's haunted.

"Court Ruling Clears Way for Razing of School"
Thomas Ott
Cleveland Plain Dealer
November 29, 2001

Kirk Middle School in East Cleveland gets an execution date.

"Alone With Barbed Wire, Roller Coasters"
Peter Dybdahl
The Oberlin Review
November 9, 2001

A college newspaper piece about a trip to Ohio's greatest defunct amusement park, Chippewa Lake.

"'Haunted Convo' Might Not Be So Scary After All"
Pat Mirrotto
Athens Post
November 1, 2001

A look at the ghostly legends associated with Ohio University's Convocation Center.

"Man Held in Killings of Two Women"
Columbus Dispatch
November 2001

Is Christian Fuhr Ohio's latest serial killer?
Read articles chronicling the three Columbus murders he is accused of, as well as his eventual arrest.

"Does Hell Town Really Deserve Its Name?"
Brian E. Albrecht
Cleveland Plain Dealer
October 30, 2001

A Halloween article on the history of Summit County's infamous Hell Town.

"Outdriven: The Kingman Drive-In Is Close to Ending Its Reign"
Melissa Starker
Columbus Alive
May 24, 2001

First news of the demise of Columbus's landmark Kingman Drive-In.

"Workers May Have Sparked Building Fire"
Not Attributed
Columbus Dispatch
May 18, 2001

The historic (and previously abandoned) Hartman Hotel is damaged by a fire on the roof.

"Sewer Digging Unearths More Human Skeletons"
Brian Williams
Columbus Dispatch
May 16, 2001

More skeletons are discovered under the cobblestones west of Columbus's Short North.

"Share Your Memories of Schools to be Shuttered"
James Lloyd
Dayton Daily News
May 13, 2001

Five Dayton schools are on the chopping block; potential exploration for western Ohio.

"Sewer Work Stops When Workers Find Skeletal Remains"
Brian Williams
Columbus Dispatch
May 11, 2001

Workers laying pipe near Columbus's North Market discover bodies from an early-nineteenth century cemetery
whose occupants were supposed to have been moved 125 years ago.

"From Smokestacks to Green Space?"
J. Caleb Mozzocco
Columbus Alive
May 10, 2001

AC Humko Corp's Columbus cooking oil plant closes down for good; residents clamor for a park in its place.
A new abandoned building to explore?

"Goodbye to Girls' Town"
Mike Pulfer
Cincinnati Enquirer
March 14, 2001

The abandoned Girls' Town complex in Cincinnati is demolished to make way for a new high school playing field.

"Two Councilmen Take Aim at Crumbling Buildings"
Ken Alltucker
Cincinnati Enquirer
January 27, 2001

This article explains why so many buildings are left abandoned rather than razed.

"Dullsville: Why Ohio's Ghost Towns Don't Seem Very Haunted"
Rich Warren
Columbus Alive
November 9, 2000

An introductory article about Ohio ghost towns and the Center for Ghost Town Research in Sunbury.

"Ghosts, Haunts and Urban Legends"
John Petkovic
Cleveland Plain Dealer
October 31, 2000

Lots of information about hauntings in Northeast Ohio, including Gore Orphanage and Franklin Castle.

"Publicity Increases Break-Ins at The Ridges"
Natalie Myers
Athens Post
October 31, 2000

The aftereffects of FOX's highly fictionalized "Scariest Places on Earth" broadcast from Athens.

"FOX Ghost Story More of a Fish Story"
Chris Evans
Athens News
October 26, 2000

Shockingly, FOX lies; their "Scariest Places on Earth" special about Ohio University
disappoints everyone with its silly fabrications.

"Building Decay Rots City Core"
Andrew Conte
Cincinnati Enquirer
October 17, 2000

A look at the urban decay problem in Cincinnati's Over-the-Rhine neighborhood.

"Franklin Castle Risks Demolition"
Zina Vishnevsky
Cleveland Plain Dealer
July 31, 2000

Information about the imperiled status of the haunted Cleveland landmark Franklin Castle.

"Crop Circles Appear Close to Home"
Rami Yoakum
Chillicothe Gazette
July 2, 2000

Crop circles appear on a family farm near Bainbridge; prank or supernatural event?

"The Trial of Dr. James Howard Snook"
Nancy Patzer
Short North Gazette
September/October 1999

A breakdown of the sensational 1929 murder trial, conviction, and execution of Dr. James H. Snook, head of the OSU department of Veterinary Medicine.

"Spring Grove Cemetery: Sanctuary for Living, Dead"
Post Staff Report
Cincinnati Post
May 25, 1999

An overview of the interesting features of Cincinnati's flagship cemetery.

"A Tale of Two Cemeteries"
Owen Findsen
Cincinnati Enquirer
April 11, 1999

A look at two nearly forgotten Cincinnati cemeteries.

"Ghosts Among Us"
Shannon Beatty
The Daily Kent Stater
March 5, 1999

Some hauntings from Kent State University.

"A Permanent Place on Campus: A History of the Kenyon College Cemetery"
Teresa J. Oden
Kenyon College Alumni Bulletin
Fall/Winter 1998

The story of the official campus boneyard at Ohio's most haunted private college.

"Butler County Corpse is Gruesome Reminder"
Michael D. Clark
Cincinnati Post
April 15, 1998

Memories of murder from the Hamilton area, including the famous James Ruppert massacre.

"Supernatural Sightings Abound in the Villages"
Trish Borne
Columbus's This Week Newspaper
October 29, 1990

Famous Columbus ghosts are profiled for the Halloween 1990 edition.