Pickaway Township Elementary School

This century-old school building is located on Kingston Pike just outside Circleville. Janitors and other school employees have reported strange goings-on there for years. According to the stories, deaths have occurred on the property, and some of the deceased never left.

What follows is an account of a visit to the school and a strange sighting there.

As I am a member of the Pickaway Township PTO, I get involved with a lot of school functions, but I will never forget about the annual baseball signups that happened on Saturday, Febuary 22. I had arrived at the school at about 9AM, and the league president was waiting outside. It was cold so I sat in his truck and talked about the signups and the league situation while we waited for the principal to show up to let us in. The principal finally arrived. We got out of the truck and the league president and the principal immediatly went to the door. I glanced over to the right, where there is a doorway which leads to the stairway that takes you to the third floor or to the boiler room. To my surprise, I saw what appeared to be a child looking out the window in the door. I immediately asked the principal if we were the only ones there and he said yes. I thought that the custodian was present, but he wasn't. I told the principal what I had seen and he responded by telling me some of the stories that the night custodian had relayed to him.