The Delmont Murder Victim

Delmont was a tiny town which once existed just outside Lancaster on what is now Route 22, in the direction of Circleville. In March of 1897 a spring thaw washed the body of a murder victim out into the open from a culvert beneath the Zanesville-Maysville Road. He was middle-aged, well-dressed, and his throat had been slashed wide open.

No one could figure out who the man was, but he had been killed six to eight weeks earlier and stashed in the culvert, where the cold weather preserved his body until it was found near the railroad fence. He was buried in the potter's field in Elmwood Cemetery and his murder was never solved.

Thereafter, travellers on the Zanesville-Maysville Road began to see a man pacing the highway in the vicinity of Delmont--middle-aged, well-dressed, his throat slashed wide open. He might still pace Route 22, forever nameless, his murder unavenged.



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