Miami of Ohio, Hamilton Branch

The Hamilton branch of Miami U. is said to be haunted, particularly the fourth floor of Mosler Hall. It isn't easy to pin down anything more specific than that, but friend-of-the-site Kyle helped a lot by sending along an account of his own experiences:

"I am a graduate of miami University Hamilton of 6 years. I was a tech support worker, and I have covered every inch of the campus, as well as many locations in the Oxford branch. Both have numerous haunted locations. On the Hamilton campus--fourth floor Mosler is, in my opinion, haunted. I have smelled sulfur long after the classes have ended, sometimes weeks after--and it's only that floor.

"Also, doors lock and unlock randomly. Once when I was in the process of moving equipment on the south side of the fourth floor, I locked the door (I was the only person who had a key to that door), and came back five minutes later to find the door wide open and still locked. It was a really heavy door and it required a lot of effort to open and never stayed open.

"Additionally, the theater is haunted. The contractor who designed the audio system there died of a heart attack in the theater. I have used a ouija board in the parking lot and I got activity from the same man, the contractor who died in the theater. My father, who was the manager of the campus, worked in the theater regularly; he's had the lights turned on and off on him when no one else was there. This happened when the theater building was locked, early in the morning."

Quite a range of occurrences. I'd be interested to see confirmation of the contractor's deadly heart attack in the auditorium--a news clipping, perhaps? Still, it remains an intriguing case.
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