The Screaming Bridge of Maud Hughes Road

Outside of Fairfield on Maud Hughes Road is the legendary Screaming Bridge, where the ghostly echo of a girl's final scream reverberates through the years. She jumped from a moving car during a heated argument and fell all the way into the river. Sometimes, if you sit still on the bridge, you can hear the dialogue from their last fight. A phantom train also haunts the area.

The following story was sent by Jenni Malloy from West Chester, Ohio:

It's about eleven at night and it's foggy as hell. The whole night, the few of us (me, Ronnie, Pat and Sarah) had just been driving around, trying to figure out something to do. We're all eighteen, so we don't do the whole candy thing anymore. So we figure we'll try the old Screaming Bridge. So, we drive up the road and park on the bridge, turning off the engine and the headlights (which is very dangerous and I don't reccomend you do--unless you're serious about seeing something--since the road leading up to the bridge curves and makes it very difficult to see cars coming behind you).

So, we're sitting there and of course every little noise we hear freaks us out just because we are listening for something. Ronnie is in the car with me and Pat and Sarah are behind us in Pat's car, so we have to rely on them to tell us when a car is coming so we don't cause another accident on the bridge. Ronnie's fooling around, laughing and trying to make me scream. I tell him to shut up and be quiet, I really wanted to see something. I was tired of going up to that bridge and never experiencing any of the stories people have told. He's being quiet now, and I turn my head to the right to look down the tracks. Both sides of the tracks are surrounded by trees and if you look down it, you can't see much except darkness and some power lines. After about five minutes of silence, this bright light appears. At first I'm thinking that a train is coming through and that's all it is, but then I notice somethings. There's no noise. No horn is blown. No sound of wheels on an old wooden track. And then I notice another thing. The light is flickering a little bit. It's not consistent with its brightness. It's also moving way slow, almost as if it isn't moving at all. I can see the glow from it along the tracks, illuminating them. This light is pretty far down. I'm not sure how many feet away exactly. I point it out to Ronnie since he's looking the other way and he starts freaking out. He knows as well as I do that this is not a train's light.