Fiddler's Green Road

Mount Saint Joseph Cemetery on Fiddler's Green Road in Hamilton County is said to be haunted by the ghost of Tenskwatwa, Tecumseh's brother, known as "The Prophet." The story behind this is an unusual one.

The legend goes that a fiddler in this area sold his soul to the devil in exchange for fiddling ability. He could play anything--songs to get women in the mood, songs to get people excited, songs to raise the dead. In his time he was well-known, but today he remains nameless--the devil took his name along with his soul.

When time was up on his contract he went to the cemetery to play and await the devil. His playing was so mournful and passionate that it called Tenskwatwa from his grave. Then the fiddler disappeared in a flash of light, leaving Tenskwatwa to wander through the cemetery, lost, to this day.